Sustainable Lifesyle: Rechargeable Batteries

May 6, 2016

It feels a little strange to me that in this day and age we’re still using batteries so frequently. I avoid batteries as much as possible and take great care to dispose of them properly (recycle batteries where communities offer recycling or collection programs and contact your local government for information about the disposal options in your area). However, recently I’ve been turned onto rechargeable batteries and I’m rather pleased with my experience so far. I shied away from them for awhile because I heard that they eventually stop holding charge and constantly need recharging. I thought that would be a hassle but when I finally got some of my own, I didn’t experience any inconvenience at all. I grabbed some from Amazon along with a simple recharging station that holds both AA and AAA batteries (super convenient). They hold charge quite well, charge quickly, and are much healthier for the environment. I highly recommend switching over to rechargeable batteries and/or minimizing dependency on batteries altogether. 




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