Flex: Reinventing Period Care

Flex is a disposable menstrual receptacle but it's so much more than just a step up from a tampon. It eliminates the chance of toxic shock, can hold up to TWELVE hours of menstrual blood, and YOU CAN HAVE SEX WITH IT IN. I tried it out and here's my honest review:

It was, in all honesty, pretty tricky to get the hang of in terms of placement. It took me two periods to feel comfortable with placing it properly. There's a helpful video up on Flex's website that I HIGHLY recommend you watch before trying Flex out for yourself.

Once in, however, it is very comfortable to wear. It's flexible (obviously) so it moves with my body and doesn't feel foreign or restrictive. It holds a good deal of stuff so I'm not nervous about wearing it for long periods of time. The best part, however, is that you can have sex on your period. For me, that's the magic of this product.

Plus, you can wear flex for up to 12 hours (depending on the heaviness of your flow) so it's definitely a more convenient alternative to the outdated tampon. I prefer these to pads as well; I hate the diaper feeling of wearing a pad so I use Flex or my menstrual cup with period panties instead.

Shop Flex here and ditch the outdated period routine!

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