Sustainable Lifestyle: DIY Wet Wipes

I have a few wet wipe recipes I use for various things around the house. These are wipes I use after a number two visit to the bathroom. No one talks about post-number two bottom care but I think it's important to keep things clean and healthy! These wipes are made with the following:

-Two cups distilled water

-Two tablespoons Dr. Bronner's castile soup

-Two tablespoons witch hazel

-Two tablespoons aloe (juice or gel will work) - optional

-Four drops tea tree oil - optional

-Four drops lavender oil or essential oil of your choice

I mix all the ingredients in a bowl and pour it over the wipes in a glass container. The wipes are baby wash clothes folded in half and rolled up. This recipe will make two large containers filled with 18-20 wipes. These wipes are great for babies too but please don't use them on animals as many animals can't handle essential oils (cats in particular can not have essential oils).

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