7 Stylish Vegan Heel Brands You Need To Know

1. Cult of Coquette

Need some slick af vegan heels? Look no further. I actually wore their Azar heels in black all evening for my wedding reception and was pleasantly surprised that despite the height, my feet felt great at the end of the evening! These are super sexy, comfortable, and so versatile.

2. Bhava

Bhava studio make the most amazing vegan shoes and belts! I have a pair of their Alden booties that's almost two years old and they still look as good as the day I got them even with heavy use!

3. Marais

Now, Marais doesn't sell exclusively vegan shoes but they do have quite a few vegan styles. I have their Jardin heel in black. It's comfortable, chic, not too high, and utterly sophisticated. Honestly, I think it's the perfect height for literally any occasion. I wear these with everything from shorts and a flowing top to elegant evening dresses. I'd wear them with pajamas. I've worn them with pajamas and I feel quite good about my life decisions.

4. BC Footwear

This LA brand is just fantastic; their on-trend shoes are made in LA and are a really great price point. They're not all vegan but their vegan styles are clearly marked on their website.

5. NAK

This entirely vegan shoe line makes sleek shoes for men and women. Their heels are epically chic.

6. Melissa

Melissa makes bold statement shoes that are SUPER comfortable. I use my Melissa's as casual heels for things like festivals, or brunch.

7. Veerah

I love this female founded company. Their beautiful heels come with changeable accessories so you can change up your look to fit any outfit. Plus, they're extra comfortable so you really can wear for long periods of time without sacrificing your toes.

From left to right: Melissa, BC Footwear, Cult of Coquette, Veerah

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