Syona Home: The Ethical and Sustainable Bedding of Your Dreams & An Exclusive Promo Code Just Fo

Today I have an all new A Harmless Project for everyone! This time, I've partnered with Syona Home to bring you some seriously amazing Fair Trade and eco-friendly bedding.

Their luxury bedding is produced ethically in India with the highest quality 100% organic cotton. As I said in the episode, their goal is to garner change and growth for farmers India’s farming community through ethical and eco-minded practices.

They are committed to a Fair Trade platform but that means more than just fair wages, it also means no child labor, safe working conditions, etc. AND, if they couldn't get more awesome, Syona Home donates 15% of the gross margin of their bedding directly to their two charity partners:

charity: water which brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

Smile Foundation which helps educate young children and provides healthcare to women in rural communities across India.

Now, let's look at the sheets themselves shall we? I have their Avani Core bedding collection along with their Ettan Duvet Cover both in taupe. Right out of the box, they're gorgeous and crazy soft. The details on these are so lovely from the elegant stitching, to the beautiful colors, to the wooden buttons, and the cute storage bags, these look and feel really special. They come with easy to follow care instructions to keep your set in top shape. I've washed mine a few times and they will look as perfect as they did when I first got them.

My husband and cat love these sheets because they both run pretty warm but these sheets help them to not overheat in the night so they can snuggle! I'm the opposite, I'm always cold but I find these sheets work well for me too because they hold in enough heat to stay quite warm but not so much that you wake up in a furious night rage because you're burning up.

These sheets will help you create a stylish and relaxing retreat. I like to read in bed to unwind and even my cat, Peter, likes to have his afternoon baths in bed so having a comfortable, soothing place to recoup is really important. I hung a few wooden shelves, put in some twinkle lights and voila! The only problem now is that I never want to get out of bed!

You can shop Syona Home's full bedding collections here.

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