New A Harmless Project Featuring Bhava!

Ready for Spring? Me too. Today's episode is all about the most glorious Spring sandals from Bhava! These strappy slices of deliciousness are THE sandal trend for Spring/Summer; plus, they're comfortable AND sexy. Honestly, what more could you want/need?

Here's the scoop on Bhava; they're a throughly modern shoe and accessory brand based in New York that takes great personal care to ensure every aspect of their products and business are ethical and sustainable. Their handcrafted products and dedication to cruelty free and environmentally friendly design make them a leader in the ethical fashion movement. Their designer Francisca Pineda has a trend spotting eye so their designs are both contemporary and timeless so you'll never go out of style.

These sandals are so effin' cute it hurts. They're the perfect height, the cork is soft, the buckles are classy, and the embossed design is really gorgeous. I can wear these all day and night without my feet hurting; I've walked miles and miles in these with no problems and they really do go with EVERYTHING - even pajamas, seriously, try it.

You can grab your Oasis Sandals here.

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