New A Harmless Project Featuring Veerah!

This week I teamed up with Veerah, a PETA approved, female founded, vegan shoe brand that makes the most comfortable and sexy heels EVER. I walked all day in them and my feet were as happy as can be, no pain, no blisters! That right there, is enough for me, but there's more good stuff. They are a truly modern and forward thinking company that gives back to the world and their employees with programs like:

-10 paid hours per month for VEERAH employees to volunteer and take self-improvement courses

-At least 1% of proceeds are directly contributed to social impact causes

-For every 100 customer interviews we conduct, we sponsor a one-year scholarship for a She’s The First girl scholar

You can tell from their transparency, and incredibly crafter products that Veerah loves what they do, is committed to delivering high quality products, and cares about the world.

They use high quality, sustainable materials - vegan, of course - like vegan microfiber, 100% organic cotton, post consumer PET bottle fabric, and cork. Even their packaging is sustainable! They use recycled paper, tree-free stone paper (which is SUPER cool btw), and soy inks. Their shoe boxes and shoe bags are so lovely and really well made. When these shoes arrive, it's a luxurious experience to unbox them.

Now for accessories; Veerah has a range of shoe accessories like ankle buckled straps, lace-up tassels, and snap on tassels. There’s a small loop on the back of the shoes where you can attach accessories and mix and match then so you can customize your look.

I styled my Mulan heels with a crop top and maxi skirt set from Reformation. The pointed toes of the heels poke out the front of the skirt for a pop of color and the slit in the back perfectly accentuates the tassel details of the heels. Two-piece sets are back this Spring, and I’m all for it. Oh, and the bag is from MeDusa!

I paired my Frida heels with high-waited jeans and a slinky vibrant top for a look that’s perfect for Spring. Crop tops are a big trend. Not a fan? No problem, I like to wear crop tops over dresses and layered over shirts as well when I'm not feeling up to showing off my stomach.

I also love to wear these heels with side split jeans as you can see below. These heels look so good peeking out through the split!

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