New A Harmless Project: Eco Edit

This week's episode is all about a few of my favorite sustainable household and personal care items. Each one of these items has an easy transition period and makes a large environmental (and cost saving) impact.

Safety razors are a great alternative to disposable razors. I find them easy to use once you get the hang of them - there are great tutorials online like this one - and replacement blades are inexpensive. Plus, it’s a unisex razor so just change the blade and you and your partner can use the same razor body! I’ve had mine for three years and it’s been a HUGE money saver, I found disposable razors to be crazy expensive and terribly quality. Safety razors are FANTASTIC quality and I’ve found them to not cause razor burn like disposable razors. Please note that you CAN NOT just throw away or recycle razor blades. Here's the best way to dispose of them:

Use an empty can of plain (veggie) broth and carefully cut a thin slot into the top with a craft knife or tin scissors. The slot should be thin enough that blades can be dropped in, but won't come out again. Drain the broth and rinse the can until clean (as best you can) to avoid pests and odors. Clearly label the outside of the can "Bio-Hazard". Now you can begin to fill it with your used razor blades. Once the can is three-quarters full, tape over the top opening securely and dispose of the can with the regular household trash.

Reusable food bags made from FDA-grade PEVA material (PVC, BPA and Lead free) from Blue Avocado are an easy way to kick the plastic bag habit. They’re freezer safe and washable so they’re super handy. Blue Avocado is a certified B corporation - meaning they have to meet rigorous social and environmental standards - is one of my FAVORITE companies. They’re completely transparent about their business and environmental impact while making some excellent eco-products that make making the switch to reusable much simpler. They’ve saved 200 million disposable plastic bags from landfills so far and up cycled 3 million plastic bottles into material for their products.

I’m obsessed with my Coffee Sock. I use it twice a day, every day. I can’t go back to paper filter coffee; by just changing the filer, my coffee has improved dramatically. The 100% organic cotton filter absorbs some of the oils letting the acids pass through and improving the taste. Just one Coffee Sock replaced 4-12 boxes of paper filters each year. 275 billion coffee filters are made and thrown out every year! Let’s stop the cycle.

I just rinse my filter in between uses and boil it once a week or every other week if I forget. Honestly, the more you use it, the better the coffee tastes! Just make sure not to use any cleaning agents or chemicals to wash it and let it hang somewhere to dry completely so it doesn’t get moldy. Super easy! You can get other versions of cotton filters on Etsy and Amazon and there are also DIY versions on Pinterest.

I bought a roll of un-paper towels about three years ago and I’ll never go back. I have a roll of 12 towels that snap together for convenience but you don’t have to get or use the snaps. They’re super absorbent so you use less at a time and I find that 12 towels is more than enough for my family where I don’t have to wash them every week. You really save a lot of money in the long run; I haven’t bought paper towels in three years and won’t ever need to again! They’re great for travel, taking with you for lunches, cleaning, and more. I have a set in my bathroom to use as hand towels too! You can get cute one and custom designed sets on Etsy.

Finally, I want to talk about poop. I was recently introduced to Tushy which is a bidet attachment that fits most toilets and it really didn’t take much to convince me that I needed Tushy. It just makes sense that if you get poop on you you don’t just wipe if off with a paper towel and call it clean! Once that really sunk in, I got a Tushy attachment for my toilet to try it out. I LOVE IT. I actually don’t need toilet paper anymore which is great because in America, we use 15 mission trees a year for toilet paper! I use washable and reusable bamboo towels; they’re softer on your bum and better on the planet as bamboo is an naturally anti-bacterial fabric that’s sustainable. Tushy is great for number 1s, 2s, and especially great for ladies during that time of the month and after sex! According to the Tushy website, by rinsing off with Tushy, they could prevent 26 million combined cases of UTI’s, hemorrhoids, and yeast infections per year! Sign up for my Patreon for link to get $10 off your purchase.

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