Trend to Try: Split Side Jeans

I'm a jeans kind of gal. Well, apart from pajamas. I'm always on the lookout for quality jeans with awesome style and the latest trend I've fallen in love with is split sides. A lot of designers are putting out split front and split back jeans as well. I have three pairs to share with you today.

1. 3x1

I love a uniform dark pair of jeans; they're sleek and perfect for just about anything. These are a split side style and are slightly longer so they're great to wear with heels.

The heels are from Veerah (vegan, btw), and the men's boots are from Nicora (also, vegan).

I've got a promo code that will give you $25 off your Veerah purchase - it's up exclusively on my Patreon.


I find this frayed style to pair especially well with heels but you could easily substitute flats, sandals, or boots instead. These are slightly more casual with an undone bottom hem but are really on trend this year.

3. Tularosa

I consider these a split front style jean. They work well for flats since they're shorter than the other two pairs. I got these in a medium wash with no distressing so they're casual but still classy. I find these work perfectly with cute sandals in the Summer.

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