A Harmless Project: Nylon

This week is all about nylon. What do you know about this fabric that seems to be absolutely everywhere?

Well, nylon is synthetic man-made fiber from petrochemicals - a thermoplastic. Nearly 70 billion barrels of oil are used every year to produce polyester. Even though more polyester - a similar fabric - than nylon is produced each year, nylon requires more energy to manufacture. Plus, the nylon manufacturing process creates nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas over 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide and nylon is also not suited to natural dyes and low impact chemical dyes, so dying nylon creates significant water pollution.

The good news is that nylon is infinitely recyclable. Sounds great, right? Well, if we stopped new nylon production now we can still meet all our nylon needs if we recycled all of the nylon currently in existence. However, more nylon is being produced.

We do, however, have some companies fighting for the planet against this nylon disaster. Kunert, a hosiery and sock line from Germany, are beginning the recycled nylon revolution. They use ECONYL yarn which is made of recycled nylon materials such as fish rennets, fabrics, old carpets and more. Kunert even donates 50 cents from each stocking purchase to coast and sea protection efforts!

Kunert even uses eco-paints on certified eco paper for the wrappings on their stockings. The CO2 emissions that are generated during the production make them carbon neutral.

But what are they like to wear? Simple, awesome. They feel just like high quality pantyhose - because they are. They've got good stretch and their fishnets are especially rad.

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