Vegan Street Fair 2017

Yesterday was the Vegan Street Fair in NoHo and it was MAGICAL. I've had the pleasure of attending this event for the last three years and I've watched this fair grow into the force it is today. Seeing everyone come together to enjoy the sunshine and delicious vegan eats warms my heart.

Usually, I like to visit my favorite vendors like Plant Food for People, Sun Cafe, Shugah Mama, Donut Friend, and By Chloe; but this year I decided to only try new vendors. Here are a few bites I loved:

1. Rock and Roll Pizza

For me, there's no better judge of a good pizza place than trying their plain cheese pizza. This cheese pizza had everything I love: thin crust, crispy crust, and a good cheese to sauce ratio. I'll definitely be heading to Rock and Roll Pizza to try their other pies.

2. The Dirty Cookie

These little cookie shot cups are not only adorable but delicious. I got a shot of coconut coffee in a peanut butter and chocolate cookie cup. It was EVERYTHING. This is how I want me coffee served forever.

3. Abbot's Butcher

Abbot's makes artisanal vegan meats. Their vegan turkey and chorizo had great texture and flavor. I'm a sucker for tacos and sliders so for me, those are hard to mess up and Abbot's did not disappoint.

Make sure you come out next year, this event is a ton of fun!

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