Ways to Participate in Earth Day

Things you can do to celebrate Earth Day:

-Donate to environmental causes like wildlife conservations, parks, animal shelters, and local green efforts like community gardens.

-Attend the March For Science if you're in Los Angeles. You'll get outside and you'll March for a great cause.

-Have a date night. Stay in, turn the lights off, light some soy candles, maybe converse water by showering together, forget Netflix and be with the person you love. Or in my case, snuggle my cat and read a book! You know, good old fashioned fun!

-Take on an upcycling or recycling project around your home by using old clothes and rags to make a dog toy or bathroom rug, repurpose old jars into candle holders, turn scrap wood into a planter box, etc. Get your family and friend involved in the process and encourage everyone to start their very own upcycling and recycling projects!

-Instead of driving today, try walking or biking or skating to your destination!

-Take today to make a commitment to living more eco friendly and take steps (even baby steps) toward that goal everyday. Record your journey and then look back in a month or so and see how far you've come! Little things like ditching plastic water bottles for a reusable glass or stainless steel water bottle instead, or getting some reusable grocery and zip lock bags will be super easy to implement and make a big impact.

Thank you for participating in Earth Day! How are you going to celebrate?

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