Reformation LA Factory Tour

I took the Reformation factory tour a few weeks back and fell more in love with this amazing company. I love a transparent company and Reformation, a Certified B-Corp, is really putting in the effort. While they're not completely vegan they are researching more vegan friendly fabrics and with any luck, we'll see them shift to being a completely vegan friendly company soon. Anyway, on this amazing tour of their LA factory we were taken through the entire process from design to manufacturing to shooting their LookBooks and everything in between.

First impression? The space is beautiful. Reformation as designed a sleek open working environment that feels airy and clean. They're still growing into their space but with the rate of their growth over the last year alone, they'll fill the entire factory in no time.

Reformation is working hard toward an ethical living wage for its workers and has a bonus structure in place that allows teams to earn bonuses for quality output. Reformation also offers ESL classes for their employees along with pathway to citizenship support and subsidizes the citizen application and metro passes for their workers. They offer paid volunteer time off once a month and everyone gets the access to the same health benefits line workers and executives alike.

The factory itself is lit with LED lights and is working toward complete solar/wind power and they have atmospheric water generator that supplies the building. Cool huh?

Reformation orders ship with carbon neutral shipping, both domestic and international, and comes with 100% recycled packaging. Reformation also has a Ref recycling system in place where you can send Reformation old clothes you're going to throw out and they'll recycle them for you by shipping them to their clothing recycling partner in Philadelphia.

Reformation using fabric rescued from landfills and does its best to supply all the fabric content information (if available) along with a complete carbon and water footprint for each garment. They even recycle what's left after cutting their garments into insulation for their brick and mortar stores.

Plus, any clothing left over after sales and sample sales is donated to non profit partners. They really are good to the last drop!

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