2017 Fair Trade Fashion Show

This years Fair Trade Fashion Show was bigger and better than ever! It was held at the CRTL Collective in Downtown LA and the space was stunning. I'm so happy to see this show grow into a platform for education AND charitable work. This years FTFS raised over $30,000 for Free The Slaves (that's three times the goal!). If you don't know about Free The Slaves, I highly recommend giving their site a browse and getting involved. Their work is so important.

My favorite part of this even is the panel. Every year there's about an hour long panel of experts working with the industry of fashion and is heavily involved in the ethics of the industry. It's so fascinating to hear about different aspects of the industry from manufacturing and distribution to design and pricing. Topics like labor, import/export laws, fair trade principals, environmental impact, and more are covered in great detail and it's incredibly eye opening. From hearing about the toxins and chemicals contained in cotton versus organic cotton to hearing that only 4% of the denim market is selling jeans for $100+ which means the MAJORITY of denim being sold is being sold for under $10. With that fact, you can easily see why sweatshops still exist. We need to change our model, and change the industry.

Plus, the event this year was zero waste so all the plates and utensils were biodegradable and everyone used reusable glass mason jars for their drinks! The food was all vegan, of course, and they even had some keto friendly nibbles.

This event is a must so keep your eyes peeled for promos on next years fashion show and get your tickets! It's a wonderful night full of talented people, ethical shopping, great food, and some inspiring stories.

Scroll down to see some of my favorite looks from the runway (available for purchase here). Also, before you click away and start shopping, I have six EXCLUSIVE discount codes (including one for Bead & Reel) up on my Patreon for patrons that pledge $1 or more. It'll save you money while you shop ethically! I post exclusive promos on there so patrons who pledge will receive all sorts of tiers of goodies!

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