New Episode of AHP: Nicora

Nicora is a cruelty free shoe brand made entirely in the USA. They pay their highly skilled workers well, maximize eco friendly-ness, and offer repair services where they can re-heel and re-sole as well as shine and do subtle repairs to the body of your shoes to keep them in top shape and extend their lives.

I LOVE that. SO. EFFIN'. MUCH. I'm always wishing companies had repair policies. For items I love, I take them to a local cobbler and seamstress to ensure I get the most out of each piece I invest in.

Anyway, their shop if full of amazing styles ranging from sandals to boots and they're all CRAZY GOOD. I also have a pair of their Sinclair boots and they are the most comfortable, rugged, durable, and sleek looking boots I've ever owned. Ever. Each pair of Nicora's are a beautiful investment and with their repair policy, you can keep that investment looking tip top for many years.

Anyway, here's how I styled their Sylvia open toe mule:

Look one:

-Frame jeans

-Cotton tank top from Alternative

-Vegan leather jacket from BLANKNYC

Look two:

-Frame jeans

-Tank top from Baserange

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