Homemade Coconut Milk Kefir

Making homemade kefir is SUPER easy. You just need two ingredients:

-Live probiotics

-Coconut milk or coconut cream

I use coconut milk from Aroy-D but you could use your favorite canned coconut cream as well. If you use coconut milk or leave the water in the can of coconut cream, your kefir will be more runny. I actually like runny kefir better than the thicker stuff because I like to pour it over double chocolate waffles so it soaks into them. Whatever liquid you use, here's my method:

I use a clean 32 ounce mason jar and fill it with coconut milk (to the top). You could half that make make a half recipe with one probiotic and 16 ounces of coconut milk.

Then empty two probiotic capsules into the coconut milk and discard the casings. Whisk until combined.

Cover with a clean cheese cloth or clean linen dish cloth and either use a rubber band around the mouth of the jar to keep the cloth in place or use the ring part of the mason jar lid and screw it down over the top of the cloth onto the jar.

Let the mixture sit out (covered) for 30-40 hours. You can smell the mixture through the cloth covering and it will start to smell tangy. There should be a few bubbles on top when it's finished.

Refrigerate and enjoy ASAP! I like to add 100% dark chocolate chunks and cacao nibs to mine for a light (and keto friendly) snack.

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