Eco Essentials

I never leave my house without a water bottle. I have a stainless steel reusable bottle from Klean Kanteen that I adore. They're tightly sealed and insulated which is great for year round transport of hot and cold liquids.

I also invested in two additional lunch accessories that are now my to-go meal essentials. First, I got a small SUPER insulated canister from Klean Kanteen for things like soups, dressings, curries, etc. Then, I got a stainless steel container that's not insulated for dry things like veggies, crackers, and wraps. That one is from Hus Kitchen. Together, these three make for the perfect to-go meal. I ALWAYS have a snack with me so these containers have been invaluable to me over the years.

In this photo, I have water in the large bottle, a hot latte in the small canister, and pancakes in the container. That's how I do snack time.

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