Prolong The Life of Your Garments

I would live year round in sweaters and flannel pajama pants if LA didn't heat up to an absurd degree in the Summer. Alas, I'm forced to pack away my sweaters every Spring but I look forward to unpacking them again a few months later for the holidays!

To keep my sweaters in great condition so I can continue to enjoy them every year, I invested in a sweater stone. I use this stone from The Laundress. This natural volcanic pumice stone is perfect for gently getting rid of pilling on your favorite heavy knit sweaters.

For lighter knits, use a sweater comb instead.

Lastly, I invested in a reusable lint brush. It replaces lint rollers with sticky paper (and works better too) and I use it on my furniture, curtains, and bed (I have two cats both with long, dark hair) as well as my clothes. It's gentle yet effective!

These little investments will prolong the life of your garments (I use them on upholstery and blankets too!). They're perfect additions to a sustainable wardrobe.

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