Reusable Face Cleaner Pads

First thing's first, I love supporting small businesses. Anytime I can choose high quality, handmade (sustainably), products, I choose that option. Etsy is an amazing platform to find artisans that share eco-friendly values. I found these reusable face pads from a shop called Cottage Mom; they're reasonably priced too!

I chose to go with a face pad that has a scrubby side to grab and lift off more makeup but there are all sorts of material options that offer different benefits. When I'm just washing my face and I don't have makeup on, I use my Foreo, but that's a different blog post.

You can use these dry with a dab of face oil (what I do for removing makeup), soak them in a soapy cleaner and use them wet, or use them with a toner for a quick face refresher. Then, just toss them in the wash (I actually place them in a laundry bag so I don't loose them) and you're all set!

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